Angel Bay (Porth Dyniewaid)

A beautiful landscape with the view of sea and mountainy hills just a leisurly walk along the prom from Rhos On Sea.

The bay that seals can be found is breathtaking – lots there now with a chance of seeing them year round!

The breathtaking view and a good tracking place. You can do hikes to the higher hills around the bay. There are a lot of seals as well. I indeed enjoyed my visit there. Such a beautiful place with open air and sea.

Beautiful view and bonus you get to see the seals from a safe distance. We found parking on Penryhyn beach, it’s a short walk to the edge of the bay. A local place to Rhos on Sea but nature at its best!

Beautiful scenery so secluded and peaceful just a shame we missed the seals this time, was lovely to see wildlife in its habitat last time we were there in January