Bobbie Be Fit

Rhos Industrial Park, Church Rd, Rhos on Sea, Colwyn Bay LL28 4YX


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Bobbie is an incredible woman who knows how to make the girls who attend her classes/PT feel amazing! Bobbie puts all her love and passion into every session helping everyone the best she can! I literally can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me, I had no idea what I was doing in a gym before but Bobbie has made me feel so much better in myself and gave me so much more confidence!

Bobbie is very motivating and pushes you every session. Her classes are also amazing, every class is different! And you always leave feeling amazing! Your surrounded by likeminded girls who are all there for the same reason, and I’ve made friends for life ☺️ I now love training which is all down to Bobbie, she is an inspiration to everyone! She works so hard and changes people’s life’s for the better She’s literally the definition of a boss woman

Bobbie was so welcoming, professional and so down to earth. The other ladies on the class was so friendly also, which made me feel so much happier. I really enjoyed the class it was fun but you did work hard, if I was struggling or if Bobbie can see myself not quite doing something quite right, she stepped in and helped and shown me how to do it correctly, which I really appreciated. I will be booking in more classes! I can't wait to be back! Thank you so much Bobbie you are amazing!!!!