Ignite Gym Rhos On Sea

Unit 4 Rhos Industrial Park Church Road Rhos-on-Sea LL28 4YX

01492 864188

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Signed up and love it here after a LONG break from being inside gym - only home work outs. It looks so good ( and am amazing upgrade from its old guise ). Their vast set of kit is spot on - so many quality machines and free weights to play with. I also love the boxing bags for my warm up. Thanks for having us.

I’ve been training at ignite rhos on sea since opening a couple of months ago, for £25 a month you can’t go wrong, helpful and friendly staff, very well equipped gym with everything you need even free parking

What a great equipped gym everything u could think of and very friendly staff to assist u not been in gym in long time made feel very welcome and my lack of experience around a gym didn’t mate as the guy Jamie showed us round and set a training program for me and my 15 year old son nice atmosphere and none usual meat heads around well done to all involved great gym