Rhos On Sea Harbour

Nice place to visit for a walk. Mainly a shale beach. Nice place to catch crabs from the jetty.

Beautiful! Rhos On Sea Harbour with nice sandy beach, lovely promenade and gorgeous cafés nearby

Jetty is great for a small tender at mid water up, great protection from the breakwater at anchor.

The town has a small harbour, but while most harbours have long historical origins based on commercial activity or fishing, the harbour at Rhos on Sea was only developed in the 1980s as part of a flood protection scheme.

The sea wall along the coast here is quite low and in storms there used to be a serious risk of the waves over-topping the wall and flooding the properties along the sea road. During the late 1970s and early 1980s the sea wall along Rhos on Sea prom was often below water causing flooding and property damage.

To address this, a breakwater was built some 300 metres offshore, with the surplus stone from the construction used to extend the groyne that runs out from the nearby point. Rhos On Sea breakwater was constructed in 1984.

The result is a harbour with a half-tide opening at its northern end, with the breakwater running parallel to the shore extending south.

Rhos On Sea is full of family run, quality independent businesses, with products and services you just can’t find elsewhere!

Rhos On Sea is a great day out for the whole family, beautiful beaches, special shops and wonderful walks!

Crazy Golf

At the Rhos Fynach

Smallest Church

St Trillo Chapel