Rhos On Sea Parking Charges Petition

UPDATE!  From the council:

please note that the consultation date has been extended to 27 December 2017.

Thanks to all who took the time to sign!


We asked:

Push the unreasonably short deadline forwards by a minimum of 28 days so further discussion can take place between the Council and those effected by these charges.


4 thoughts on “Rhos On Sea Parking Charges Petition

  1. Steve Vousden Reply

    Ridiculous – we need visitors and locals to come and frequent the local facilities and shops. I have sent an objection to the council though suspect it will end up in the bin (though that means it will be around for quite a few weeks!)

  2. Paul Reply

    I’m writing this on behalf of my elderly parents. They have been visiting Rhos on Sea a couple of times per month for many years. They are both pensioners and enjoy spending the full day walking the promenade, heading in to Colwyn Bay, using the Rhos on Sea Post Office, buying coffees, visiting the more bespoke clothes shops, supporting the charity shops and tucking in to fish and chips before they leave.

    My parents always talk about the excellent improvements and uplift to the promenade and how it will encourage new businesses and capital in to the area. They liked the fact that the free parking helped create a dynamic and lively seaside town especially during the spring and summer months. They understand that councils need to raise revenue but discouraging visitors is not the way forward. The free parking combined with an uplift to the promenade has helped to encourage a packed and vibrant seafront (and local shopping areas) notably during mid and high seasons. This would in turn lead to increased business and social development but instead it appears the local council has opted for an attempted quick fix scenario.

    With the entire north Wales coast becoming ‘paid parking zones’ my parents feel both Rhos on Sea and Colwyn Bay have missed out on a potential influx of coastal traffic from all other North Wales regions. Both Rhos on Sea and Colwyn Bay had a niche; the free parking being a primary reason to attract even more visitors with a knock on effect of bringing in further businesses and social development.

    My parents sincerely hope that the local council reviewed all relevant data provided to them via paid parking schemes at the likes of Rhyl, Prestatyn and Talacre and they subsequently provided all local businesses both large and small with their conclusions. They also hope that the council will make up any shortfall in business incomes if the paid parking has a detrimental effect on local businesses.

    My parents would also like to apologize to all the shop owners as they are now considering visiting other locations. From talking to their friends they are only one of many. They hope the scheme will be closely monitored and results made transparent. They also hope the council will put their hands in the air and consider changes if it shows the paid parking scheme is a failure.

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